Can You See

to marcy howard

Silence, will never change, those things, you can not say,
As you hope, for redemption, somewhere, along the way,
You can change, your appearance, even acts, you commit,
But what good, is the change, if there’s things, that you omit.
Every event, in your life, adds up, to who you are,
Even though, you ignore, your own, shooting star.
A mirror, may hold, answers, but it doesn’t, notice change,
It only sees an image, not the things, you re-arrange,
Every day, you go through life, your self, lives within,
Regardless of, your alterations, or that silly grin,
Our world, holds something more, though it’s difficult to find,
It’s lost, in those thoughts, that clutter up your mind.
If, you’re not comfortable, with the person, you pretend to see,
How, will you ever find, who you really might be,
The past may, condition you, to fear, what you desire,
As it hides, amongst your fears, is truth, what you require,
You, may not understand, what, you’re looking for,
But, without that realization, you settle for less... rather than more.



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