Hide-away Heart

To Penny

A heart lies hidden behind a wall,
Though a key was made long ago,
But with the key in lost and found,
Our walls have seemed to grow,
After searching for many years
And traveing so many miles,
That very key made long ago,
Is the light from someone’s smile.
A search for something already had,
While struggling to escape the past,
Wondering if its worth the chance,
Could together really last,
But the past has its fingers,
That reach through all the years,
And somehow the hearts are hidden,
Inside yesterday’s fears.
Can the hearts be rescued from behind our walls,
Can we grow the acknowledged seed,
Or will the call of painful ghosts,
Make the possibilities bleed,
Darkness reveals emotions true,
Which in daylight we then hide,
A product of the walls posessed,
And love held deep inside.
Alone and lost inside the mind,
For so long afraid to feel,
And though the heart has the way,
Minds make it seem not real,
Every time in each others arms,
Our walls destruction we start,
And through the pain from our minds,
We free the Hideaway Heart!



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