to Marcy howard

Snow.whispers.from the sky, as lights twinkle, far and wide,
Christmas beckons, to us all, but doesn’t, live inside,
The fire, burns, yet it, provides, no heat,
As, the act, of the past year, the memories, we defeat.
No matter, what the year, has held, no matter, how much snow,
As the wreaths, adorn, our doors, what’s inside, doesn’t show,
Each day, we walk this earth, Christmas, should be alive,
Not for, just one day, but each day, life arrives.
Gifts, do not make, us real, possessions, come and go,
As the snow, swirls around, it cleanses, all you know,
If, you truly, love someone, nothing, can change that emotion,
For love, lives in every light, and does not need promotion.
Even though, you may not have, all your dreams and desires,
Love, does not need, there’s nothing, it requires,
Good and bad, always exist, magic does not die,
And as the christmas lights twinkle, love lives inside your eye.
Soon, the new year will arrive, and love, will live on,
And though, Christmas, will come and go, love, will not be gone,
Let the past, guide your path, live Christmas, every day,
Carry love, in your heart, for it will light your way.
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