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Into this life one day we’re born,
And we learn along the way,
Picking up insecurities,
Even as children as we play,
Through the years we’re  conditioned,
To believe that nothing’s sur,
As memories of fear or pain,
Taint what once was pure,
As children when we looked at things,
We took them for what they were,
Yet through the years as we learn,
Past voices are somehow heard,
All we’ve seen and all we’ve done,
Conditions how we act,
Doesn’t change who we are,
An irrefutable fact.
The past might make us fear a thing,
Is our perception something true,
Or is there so much pain involved,
That the person can’t show through,
As children we looked to the future,
Yet as adults we cling to the past,
When the very thing we need to hold,
Is the emotion that each day lasts,
Days are what we make of them,
Scars need not equal pain,
They shouldn’t influence how we feel,
Or become a never ending chain,
Though life might make us remember,
Can the mind make us forget,
And if time becomes the answer,
Tomorrow isnt here yet.
Memories that we hold dear,
Become the unhidden past,
Light we need to hold onto,
No matter where the shadow’s cast,
Points of light in a starry sky,
But the background is pure pitch black,
And if we’re happy with the here and now,
Why are we always looking back.
Good and bad are vital,
They’re part of how we grow,
And emotions held inside the heart,
Are still alive though they don’t show,
Through  the years so much is seen,
But only one thing is actually real,
It’s the fact that love lives every day,
And it’s still you the heart can feel.

October 11th,2016

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