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Pain and Pleasure

To Marcy Howard

Every life in some way, holds both pleasure and pain,
And at times just one event, reveals both sunshine and rain,
Goals and dreams are made to fly, not be buried in some dark hole,
And if your dreams are left to die, is a smile what you’ve stole.
If a smile’s not from your heart, where does it begin,
In the mind or in the soul, or somewhere else within,
Pleasure is the culmination, of when heart and soul combine,
Pain is when you find your dream, but its realization must be confined.
Pleasure is when your dream flies free, soaring to new heights,
While pain takes it all away, makes darkness of the light,
Hold those things believed profound, in an instant they can disappear,
The trust you have in your heart, can easily turn to fear.
Pleasure is all those things, that with you I found,
Pain lives in the memories, laughter with no sound,
Pleasure is the knowledge gained, that together we learned to feel,
And pain is waking up alone, and realizing your absence is real.
Pleasure is never far away, it awakes with thoughts of you,
While pain is a friend every day, whose embrace I struggle through,
Pleasure is seeing your picture, and the smile in your eyes,
And as long as I can look at you, the pain has its disguise.
       We found each other!!



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