Dreams That Be


Teardrops water bright blue eyes,
While pain becomes like waves,
As memories sometimes give relief,
If love’s what our hearts save,
Dreams can take us to a place,
Where the sun is always shining,
A place where things only get better,
Where our words are real and binding.
Ripples drift across a pond,
Like clouds in clear blue eyes,
And at times it seems our dreams grow wings,
As across our minds they fly,
Hearts provide a gentle wind,
While stars twinkle in the night,
Memories visit our todays,
To give or take the light.
A dream may be a fantasy,
Or a spoken word could be a lie,
If there’s no need to defend ourselves,
Then who is hidden inside,
This exists in all of us,
If we only believe it’s real,
The key is believing in the heart,
Believing the things we feel.
Though at times it’s hard to find,
That place filled with our hopes and dreams,
A place where yesterday has no voice,
And tomorrow flows in streams,
All the things our eyes can see,
Accentuate the things inside,
So why then is it our hearts are blind,
When it’s our hearts we try to hide.
With a thought we all can be,
In such a better place,
All we need do is close our eyes,
To enter the dreams we can’t erase,
We hold the answers in our heads,
And the key lives in our hearts,
When we lie down and go to sleep,
It’s the place  where our dreams start.
In the morning when we awake,
What dreams do we remember,
An impression lasting through two worlds,
Proves the heart’s the sender,
So if you’d like to touch a dream,
Just close your eyes in thought,
Because all the things our eyes can see,
Merely hide the dreams we sought.

January 20th, 2017

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