Memory Lane

To Marcy Howard

Names and places hold memory, and at times also events,
Memories can lift you up, or maybe happiness prevent,
Just as everything in our lives, there lives both good and bad,
Echoes with a silent voice, that ripple happy and sad,
At times they bring a smile, while other times a tear,
They can hold you in their arms, or be a voice you can not hear.
A memory can live with hope, or at times open a wound,
They can live in silence, or in some familiar tune,
Some memories can be, a replaying of the past,
Or can be the eternal hope, of emotion made to last,
Memories can live each day, or like the rain come and go,
Independent mirrors of, the pain we can not show.
A sound, a sight, even a touch, can be held in memories,
It all depends on what’s important, what the heart can see,
The mind may hold the memories, but its a heart that had control,
It determines who and what, completes a lonely soul,
Memories can be like sand, a beach or just one grain,
And with them, we walk hand in hand, down our memory lane.
     Only you.



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