Two Hearts Found

To Marcy Howard

If in this life you look for bad;bad is what you’ll find,
Leaving all the good behind;existing just in mind,
The heart is the guiding voice;not the whispers you hear,
Look into my eyes;and say that loves not there.
We can not alter;events now in the past,
And sometimes unexpected things;are the very things that last,
Each and every single day;I thank my lucky stars,
As I had the chance to see;how important to me you are.
Every time I said to you;follow what’s in your heart,
I really hope you believe those words;or at least one day you’ll start,
Who and what I am these days;is tied to thoughts of you,
And maybe if you’re allowed to see;its a role that I’m used to.
At a time when hope was gone;you came to rescue me,
And no matter what the fates allow;I hope one day you’ll see,
That only for a moment;is better than no moment with you,
While I die a little each day;because its all that’s left to do.
Hearts took us on a journey;and we gave ourselves to each,
And just because it isn’t easy;doesn’t mean its out of reach,
Looking at how lucky I am;because through life I found you,
While the only thing I need;is the good things found with you.
                      Only you.



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