Easy Does It


I have seen so many things,
And felt more than my share,
At times feigning indifference,
To hide the fact I care,
Trust becomes an issue,
Being hurt so many times,
To become a door without an entrance,
Sentenced for more than my crimes.
Across the miles and through the time,
Things have come and gone,
And all the steps I’ve taken,
Have helped others ride along,
Communication has never been easy,
And through the years I’ve let others down,
Yet when the chips finally fall,
No one seems to be around.
We all need someone in our corner,
For me that person is you,
And as the shadows lengthen,
The dream’s already true,
Here in the darkness I stand alone,
But in that silence I still hear sound,
Because all I ever hoped for,
With you I somehow found.
If we peer into the darkness,
Does it become we’re able to see,
Is there some way to escape the blackness,
When the heart is roaming free,
Answers can take on different forms,
They can be people, places or things,
And in the silence of the night,
To the soul your voice still sings.
It’s said that when the going gets tough,
It’s the time the tough get going,
But what good is the effort,
If at the end there’s nothing showing,
There are things about ourselves,
That leave nothing to the imagination,
And a heart can never be overfilled,
Though the mind suffers from saturation.
My voice may not be speaking,
And the heart has no voice to be heard,
But when hearts speak to each other,
In the silence we still hear every word,
With the memories of all I’ve seen,
The heart still feels all it felt,
And with all the things I found in you,
Each day the heart still melts.

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