Every Day

To Marcy Howard

Every day when I awake;my day begins with you,
And though you try to push me away; I’m with you in all you do,
There’s no need to shed a tear; no need to worry about me,
I only hope to know you’re happy; to know your heart is free.
As the light slowly fades;my prison is the night,
This heart beating the only sound; your vision is my light,
It seems mistakes become the excuse;to let you run away,
Through a land of broken dreams;last the words we say.
Still I hope you find your way;and that path brings you back to me,
That the light which you turned on;will always help you see,
Whose to say the things we found; in any way were wrong,
While love makes me a willing slave;to our ever playing song,.
I will never give up on you;I can’t judge why you ran,
Through assumptions we’re lost somewhere;but I remain your fan,
If you cry out and call my name; love is the words we say,
For I am yours forever more; and I love you more each day!!!!!
         Love lives.



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