A Livin'Dream

To Marcy Howard

As I lay my head, on a pillow so I might sleep,
I close my eyes and think about, the memories that I keep,
Slowly pictures of the past, come alive within a dream,
And as the breathing slows its pace, you become an endless dream.
A sign is written on a wall, its letters crimson red,
And in this dream the sign’s alive, alive in heart and head,
And while the mind relives the past, the sign acquires eyes,
Yet as I search the brown eyes seen, blue eyes become the skies.
Though the letters of this sign, are obscured by other things,
The message that they send to me, is what the future brings,
A song of hope plays along, yet the song has no words,
And as brown eyes sing the blues, its only in a dream its heard.
Though you may believe, the whole dream was a lie,
It lives within us both, and will not ever die,
It lives in every breath I take, in every moment given,
And as long as this heart beats, its with the dream of you, I’m living.
    Only you!



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