To Marcy Howard

A costume’s put on for a party,
Though I really don’t want to go,
I wore a costume for many years,
The real me, to never show,
Then I met a loving woman,
Yet disease took her away,
And the guilt I felt, finding new love,
Provided loneliness today.
The costume party that I attend,
After a year of overwhelming need,
Makes me wonder, why I even came,
When inside, my heart still bleeds,
The only costume I now wear,
Is a heart and soul, now torn in two,
And as I leave this party.
All I can think of is you.
People look at me and see,
Eyes now filled with pain,
The only thing I now hold in life,
Is a woman, I might never regain,
You’re a once in a lifetime woman,
And I’m glad you entered mine,
But with things as they are right now,
Each day, I’m less than fine.
I could never be someone,
That with you, just wants to possess,
But if you never talk to me,
Can what we found progress,
I hope your happiness isn’t a costume,
And if you’re truly happy, I’m happy too,
Yet the one thing, to make me whole again,
Was and is, only you.
Our costumes by time, have been destroyed,
But our love and need lives on,
And though I might remain alone,
I’ll wait for you, til I’m gone,
I know it was not a costume,
For a short while, we were free,
And when we whispered how we felt,
There were no costumes to see.



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