Evidence of Pain


We gaze into our mirrors,
Seeing the tears that fell like rain,
Trying hard to understand,
Will we ever escape this pain,
At times we stagger under the load,
Wondering if there are any tears left to cry,
Holding on to pleasures felt,
As the heart is left to die.
Replacement seems an easy thing,
As ourselves we tell that lie,
And as we struggle on alone,
To fond dreams we can’t say good bye,
We attempt to control every aspect,
Not believing it’s all that hard,
Left to wonder in the end,
Is life a lump of useless lard.
We’re then confronted with the knowledge,
That some things we can not kill,
They stay alive inside the heart,
And we know they always will,
Our thoughts transport us to a place,
Where we believed we had so much more,
Failing to even understand,
That our happiness we ignored.
One thing seems to continually shine,
It makes the clouds all disappear,
Yet it seems we make it difficult,
As love we face with fear,
Something wondrous and beautiful,
But we complicate it with our minds,
Making something so simple,
By our insecurities become defined.
Where does our pain originate from,
Does it stem from somewhere inside,
When somehow even against all odds,
Love’s the one thing that survives,
We’re inundated by the world around,
To believe that what others have we need,
Only later to realize,
That love should be our creed.
In the mirror we might see,
Pain emanating from the eyes,
Why then is it the love we feel,
Is made to wear a disguise,
Though pain is something very real,
It need not control the heart,
Because though disguised or hidden deep,
To this life, love’s a vital part.

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