To Marcy Howard

A caring soul turned me away, does it mean that she cares not,
Was I just a sacrifice, for the things she’s got,
I can feel what she feels, I could see it in her eyes,
Yet what am I now to think, that love was just a lie?
I made mistakes of that I’m sure, yet I believe I’m who she wanted,
Yet now with her gone again, my thoughts each day are haunted,
Haunted by those piercing eyes, and the question, was it real,
But through this darkness I can see, its all just what we feel.
At times I wish, that I could say, I hate her very soul,
But that would be hating myself, for she’s who makes me whole,
Each day holds her memory, and I’m told that I’m obsessed,
But if that’s true then tell me why, this feeling’s each day progressed.
Questions can surely haunt us all, but in holding on there’s no remorse,
And the answer that cures it all, is its real love, of course,
While through these dark and lonely hours, I’ll wait inside my door,
Because one day I know she’ll come, just like she did before.



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