Such A Deal

to Marcy Howard

You, might think, I am, a fool;because, I hold on, to what, seems lost,
Yet I know, somewhere, deep within;these dreams, remain, aloft,
I’ve been given, a gift, so rare;for memories, are, a life long, gift,
And as, they’re wrapped, inside love;their wings, will give them lift.
I held on, while, storm clouds loomed;though, at times, influenced, by pain,
And through, that pain, you reached out;and helped me, appreciate rain,
There, are many, things, I know;and just as many, I don’t,
While, there are things, Iwill do;letting go, is one, I won’t.
We, both want, a perfect life;and happiness, you give, to me,
Temporarily, blinded, by pain;my heart, you set free,
And if, I carry, the blame, for all;in consequence, I now reside,
Responsibility, I accept;while, in loneliness, I now hide.
Singular emotion, an attempt, to feel;yet a fear, of losing, love, I’d found,
Somehow, I thought, if I lost, the one;I’d lose you, without, a sound,
So now, the one, is buried, deep;and missing you, is real,
Love, is now, in lost and found;but still, it’s such a deal.
Within, the dreams, under, the blame;there will, always, be one fact,
We gave, ourselves, to one another;and a heart, can’t be taken, back,
No matter, how hard, we push, each, away;there’s no denying, how we feel,
And if, holding on, makes me, a fool;every day, is still, Such A Deal.
    forever and a day.Love Lives.



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