to Marcy Howard

I’ll, never lose, my faith, in you, each day, I want you more,
I, want all, those things, with you, that at times, we ignore,
Since, I saw, your gorgeous face, I want, those things, you want,
Please, don’t push, me away, and make, the memories taunt.
A memory, holds, at bay, the future and the past,
Yet, the memories, that I have, are ones, I know, will last,
We, reached out, to each other, to end, enduring pain,
As we, held on, to our pasts, with, our song, in it’s refrain.
As a person, I remember, though, it seems, I’ll never forget,
That, this daily nightmare, isn’t, over yet,
Faith, in a person, is, something, that can be,
An all, consuming feeling, but where’s, your faith, in me.
Neither, one of us, believes, that, it’s not there,
And the things, that I say, mean nothing, if you don’t hear,
Our hearts, found each other, yet, it seems, they’ve lost, their way,
Does, that mean, there is no hope, for, the coming day.
Resolve, strengthens, what I feel, for this, I won’t give in,
Even though reality, sits there, with it’s, evil grin,
When you look, to the sky, And see, that, sky of blue,
Faith.will help, you believe, I’m standing there, with you.



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