Fingertips and Lips

To Marcy Howard

My fingertips caress long dark hair,
As my lips whisper unspoken words,
While lightning bugs light the way,
And we listen to the birds,
The thought of touching pear scented skin,
Keeps the dreams alive,
And as my eyes are tightly closed,
These lips can’t say goodbye.
My ears can hear the whisper,
That escapes from sensual lips,
While we hold each other tight,
With electric fingertips,
Though my eyes can not see you,
My mind and heart remember your touch,
As my soul misses the piece,
That it knows it needs so much.
Fingertips can trace a path,
That spans these many  miles,
As these lips remember,
Touching yours and your smile,
Each day I hold happiness,
Each day I taste your lips,
And every night I remember,
Your fingertips and lips.
       Forever you.



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