Forest Rain

to Marcy Howard

On a stormy summer’s eve;with the rain pouring down,
Standing in a sea of ferns;amid a forest with no sound,
Looking at a cabin scene;full of grief and pain,
What about the memories;that come alive in this rain.
As the leaves above your head;become singular waterfalls,
And in the darkness when you look up;the touch of memory calls,
Thinking back to that time;when rain was such a pleasure,
And sitting in these darkened woods;becomes a self preservation measure.
In the rain I close my eyes;and theres so many things I see,
The silence of the forest green;and the thoughts that never be,
The wind stirs the leaves around;the shelter for a moment gone,
And in that simple instant;the past sings its song.
In the silence and solitude;though the forest is asleep,
As the rain comes pouring down;with the memories that we keep,
While the forest spreads its wings;to protect the damaged soul,
That endlessly searches through the dark;for one woman that makes the whole.
In the middle of the forest;inside the summer storm,
The leaves allow the water through;yet memories keep us warm,
And as the wind stirs the leaves;these closed eyes open wide,
And as the rain waters the tears;love again is kept alive.
            Only you.



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