Under the Snow


Snowflakes become a curtain,
That moves without a sound,
Silently falling to the earth,
To cover all around,
Winter gives it’s dying gasps,
Reluctant to release it’s hold,
As spring brings silent warming winds,
Trading warmth for winter’s cold.
Spring time plants are covered white,
Seeming to refuse to yield,
Filled with changes true intent,
To adorn the hills and fields,
Flowers soon will line the path,
That leads to summer’s heat,
A part of life’s revolving circle,
Which none of us can defeat.
Change revolves around the seasons,
But so much is still the same,
Intertwined  throughout our lives,
Life’s never ending game,
Some things we might circumvent,
While others we can not,
And as the seasons change life’s clothes,
There’s a thing life never forgot.
All the things contained in life,
When compared to a seasonal year,
Though they’re different they’re still the same,
And there’s nothing there to fear,
Life it seems holds seasons,
Times of warmth and times of cold,
And as we look at weather patterns,
It’s love that we still hold.

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