Footprints lead into the past,
Those to the future have yet to be,
Even the steps we make today,
Before we make them we can not see,
Footprints can cross a desert,
Yet the wind takes them away,
Or maybe they wander a sandy shore,
But they’re never there to stay.
At times we calculate every step,
But some still just occur,
And the footprints leading from the past,
Are the ones to which I refer,
Sometimes when my eyes are closed,
I wonder if steps can carry emotion,
While wading in a flowing stream,
Are those steps washed to the ocean.
Invisible footprints lead to a heart,
That’s held in trembling hands,
And even though they might be unseen,
They hold the heart’s demands,
Some might lead to open doors,
But they can also lead to hearts,
The only thing that’s hard to see,
Is where those footprints start.
You can walk along a country lane,
But no footsteps can be seen,
Yet close your eyes in memory,
And you can see what’s thought unseen,
Footprints might lead from the past,
But they lead to where you are,
Or they can take you on a journey,
That leads straight to the stars.
Every time my eyes are closed,
In the darkness or in the light,
My footprints lead straight to your arms,
And they’re the only footprints in sight,
These footprints lead from one heart,
Into the arms of love,
Though at times our steps are cautious,
Are they ordained by the stars above.
The stars might be a heart’s footprints,
And in the darkness they seem alive,
Follow them to their conclusion,
To where the heart’s alive,
Where the steps arrive at,
Doesn’t matter if it’s now or late,
Because every day we’re walking,
Love holds our footprints to fate.

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