the Marauding Mind


The mind moves on at such a speed,
That so many things get missed,
Yet with some things nothing matters,
Like the moment when we first kissed,
Pieces get stolen from separate dreams,
Combining to form something less,
And all the dreams we travel to,
Become the avenue of our regress.
A heart holds dreams with all it’s might,
Though the mind tells us to let go,
And with the effort to hold on tight,
It just makes the emotions grow,
The mind seeks out the pains and fears,
Perverting what is true,
And as the mind and heart battle,
What remains is love for you.
The mind may triumph in a battle,
But the heart wins every war,
It triumphs against every odd,
As love remains our core,
Dreams in pieces create a void,
Being products of our minds,
There’s something living deep inside,
That we believed we’d never find.
The mind can not convince me,
That what we found was wrong,
And every morning I’m reassured,
That love comes right along,
The mind picks out it’s battle plan,
But it’s the heart that always wins,
As we know there is no ending,
Just the place where love begins,
The mind may reach for the pieces,
But it’s the heart where love we hold,
And nothing’s more important,
Than a dream we’ve never sold,
In the darkness we see so much,
Even though our eyes are closed,
While even in the dead of night,
The face of love we’re shown.
At times the heart may be unsure,
And the mind just makes up facts,
As memories bind us to the pain,
Because it’s then the mind attacks,
We might search throughout our lives,
But the heart knows what it finds,
As love survives through anything,
Even against a marauding mind.

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