Found and Lost

to Marcy Howard

It seems, I’ve been  lucky, in this life, I’ve loved and I’ve learned,
And all, the things, that I hold close, are, the very things, I’ve earned,
Some of the things, I’ve wanted, Some came, on their own,
And  through, the many experiences, I’d like to think, I’ve grown.
As I, look back, on my life, there are, so many things, I see,
While, all those many, events, are the things, that molded me,
In the whole, scheme of things, I’m, a lucky man,
Even though, the lessons learned, at times, I don’t understand.
I found love, at a time, when it seemed, that I, was lost,
Forever, held, in my hand, but with, disease, there was, a cost,
While, this love, embraced me, disease, takes her, away,
But through, the course, of her life, I found love again, one day.
Now, I’m at, a crossroad, as, my first love, soon will die,
Though, the love, will, live on, with every, tear drop, in my eye,
As, I look, at losing her, accept it, as my fate,
Will, the new love, that I found, be in time, or be to late.
A promise, holds me, in it’s grasp, love, keeps me, going on,
But, with the death, of the one, will both loves, soon be gone,
Though love, entered, into my life, it came, without a sound,
As, one love, leaves this world, will the other, be lost, or found.
               I Found You!!!Remember.Love, Does Not Die



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