Halloween Heart

to Marcy Howard

A costumes worn to scare or taunt;or just to have some fun,
As its worn for some one else;or maybe you’re the one,
Jack-o-lanterns light the way;produce their evil glow,
As you search the crowd around; for a person that you know
Trick or treat is a phrase; that goes with all hallowed eve,
But is the costume that you don;for looks or to deceive,
We love the spider webs;the goblins, ghouls and  witches,
Yet the heart inside can not be fooled;  by the make-up and fake stitches
As we prepare for this holiday;looking forward to the night,
Does your costume echo things;that reach out for the light’
There is no costume that can hide;the things we hide inside,
While we enjoy the acting role;pretending somethings died.
We adorn our hearts and homes;with decorations for the night,
Enjoying skulls and skeletons;and spider webs that light,
And as we see the things around;;the memories will start,
As we hold on to things we found;with a Halloween Heart.
Memory is locked inside;never to escape,
Imprisoned by this hallowed eve;and the moments that it takes,
All these things bring a smile;overcoming that we’re apart,
Kept alive by ghouls and things;inside our Halloween Hearts.
                  only you



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