How It Feels


We remember how it really felt,
When in our arms we held love close,
And the most important thing to us,
Somehow became what we fear most,
For a time it was all brand new,
And we learned along the way,
But sitting here all alone,
Is it love that’s felt today.
A face invades the memories,
And it brings an exhaled breathe,
While with the face comes a whisper,
What we found is to the death,
Though I hold only empty air,
Heart and mind hold love inside,
Though rain with teardrops seems to fall,
They just prove, from love we can not hide.
Inside is the landscape barren,
Are there flowers or just growing weeds,
Is there a way to stem the flow,
Of internal wounds that bleed,
Love binds our lives together,
To become our common ground,
Making this life bearable,
With a voice love’s only sound.
We search for so many things,
Not realizing what lives inside,
Though others may not really see,
For some love refuses to hide,
Our feet carry us towards our goals,
And our hearts carry us to our dreams,
And though many are stricken with blindness,
In the mind love daily screams,
Love holds out two open arms,
And it opens hearts that are closed,
Abiding behind a false facade,
That our image never chose,
Our minds create a battlefield,
In a war that’s already won,
The battle ended long ago,
On the day that love was begun.
There are those times that love begins,
And at times we think love ends,
But love overcomes so many things,
It doesn’t break it only bends,
In the course of living life,
Embrace what lives inside,
No matter how hard we might protest,
From love we can not hide.

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