The night holds out a shadowed hand,
Clouds disguise the starry sky,
And though our eyes are open,
Their sight is a shadowed lie,
The clouds disperse to show the moon,
And moonlight shines in rays,
Not enough to light our path,
Shadows are in the way.
Things we hold way deep inside,
Are clouds that hide our emotions,
That doesn’t mean they’re forever gone,
Or that we lost our love’s devotion,
We watch a comet fall to earth,
Or do we call it a falling star,
Love still leaves a shining light,
That shines both near and far.
Everything we do and say,
Flows with love’s intent,
And no matter how cloudy the view,
It’s hold we can’t prevent,
Love lends a sparkle to our eyes,
A star twinkling in the night,
As moonlight emphasizes,
With love there is only light.
We might pretend we can not feel,
Clouds subdue our dreams,
Love lives underneath those clouds,
And it stops the lonely screams,
Sunlight or moonlight is relative,
Love is light that’s pure,
It gives us reasons for our smile,
A star that illuminates more.
Stars remain behind the clouds,
Like love their light’s still there,
And though there might be shooting stars,
As with love there is no fear,
Though stars can be hidden in the night,
Their light is not denied,
Love at times may be hard to see,
But in hearts it stays alive.
Clouds might hide the night time sky,
They’re just a curtain for the stars,
Like love the stars still remain,
And it overcomes the scars,
Light or dark the stars remain,
They exert their twinkling will,
And when you take the time to look,
We see that love abides here still.

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