for Marcy Howard

When pain, overwhelms you, reach out, to me,
I, am the love, you always know, I’ll be,
All those things, that haunt you, haunt me, as well,
And when, you feel the pain, it’s also, my hell.
I love you and you love me, simple, or so I thought,
Through the pain, of memory, loneliness, what I bought,
Reasons, don’t really matter, facts, are what remain,
With one step forward and two steps back, there’s nothing, you can gain.
You’d think, all things considered, I’d be full, of anger and hate,
For now, I’m condemned, to a love, on which I  have to wait,
It seems the pain, is the cost, for the future, of this heart,
Though, I know, we’ll meet again, will the healing, ever start,



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