A Whisper In The Night

To Marcy Howard

There’s a voice that calls to me,
A whisper in the night,
It comes along with a face,
When the darkness takes the light,
You may not care to hear it,
But you’re all there is for me,
And in the darkness when I hear your voice,
Is the very moment Im free.
I’ve grown comfortable with the shadows,
Without the light there is no fear,
I hear your whisper in my dreams,
At least then I have you near,
Though I can not hold a dream,
The memory holds me tight,
I hold you in these arms again,
In this blackness you’re my light.
In the night times cold embrace,
A smile still lights my face,
The soul still carries warmth within,
That began with our embrace,
I strain to hear your musical voice,
With eyes closed you are my sight,
And in my dreams a smile comes,
As I hear your whisper in the night.
.            you



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