Heart to Heart

To Marcy Howard

As you know a heart can’t speak,
Yet ours have plenty to say,
It seems translation is somehow lost,
A hearts voice, lost along the way,
Though a heart has no voice,
It tells us which path to walk,
And looking into  you brown eyes,
There is no need to talk.
Hearts take us to a place,
Where each, the other requires,
And as emotions come like storms,
Its what the heart desires,
Linked together at the chest,
Yet ties can not be seen,
For these ties are found inside,
And live somewhere in between.
All I have to give to me,
Beats inside my chest,
And I know yours beats for me,
Yet can we pass this test,
Hearts entwined by thorny vines,
With roses everywhere,
As you carry my heart with you,
I carry yours right here!
       Stop running!



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