Littered Lives

If we live with blood and death,
Does it somehow leave a stain,
Are we conditioned by our environment,
Will it only leave us pain,
Maybe the past’s a pleasant place,
Somehow better than today,
And can the darkness in a mind,
Be some way traded away.
Do dark clouds seem to take the sun,
Does light become hard to find,
Are we lost in some wonderland,
That only exists in the mind,
Can we possess yet still have nothing,
Or is to much not enough,
Now we reach for something more,
Across seas that are battered and rough.
It seems the days bleed one into another,
And our elation is mixed with dread,
Happy for things living in the heart,
Yet imprisoned by thoughts in the head,
We try so hard to do what’s right,
But does anyone understand,
It’s not about who you see,
It’s about the thoughts inside the man.
Sometimes we withdraw from the world,
As we question what we do,
It seems the answer’s lost somewhere,
While our thoughts feel less than true,
Our thoughts carve a path to fantasy,
But did we ever even believe,
While we tell the mirror we’re doing fine,
On a path to self deceive.
The things we are with all we believe,
Aren’t the same for anyone else,
Especially if our driving force,
Is greed and the pursuit of wealth,
If our dreams could come alive,
Could they take us to that place,
Where fantasies touch reality,
And there are no mistakes to erase.
We all need someone by our side,
To assist us when the chips are down,
Not the many fair weather friends,
That when you look are nowhere around,
The load we carry may be heavy,
And some dreams may not come true,
But hope and courage can do many things,
If you only believe in you.

June 16th, 2017

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