Here the Past

To Marcy Howard

We now return to a place we know,
To the pain, of being apart,
A hell without you by my side,
And its the same, in both our hearts,
Can our pasts be let go,
To hold happiness in our hands,
Or will the past just make it trickle through,
Just like an hourglass, with its sands.
Though it may feel like deja vu,
Why are there falling tears,
When you whisper to your dreams,
Its only me who hears,
Though at times it feels cold and lonely,
I hold what we discovered,
And I know at some future point,
What we found, will be uncovered.
We tried to destroy it, twice before,
Yet it stood the test of time,
And as I’m sure you also know,
Both our souls, we call mine,
As both our hearts trod this winding road,
A destination is very clear,
In your arms I need to be,
And your voice I need to hear.
          Only you!!!!



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