Raindrop Tears


In the rain teardrops flow freely,
Because they’re hidden by the rain,
A product of the memories,
That the mind says cause the pain,
The heart tells a different story,
More than glad for love it’s found,
And when the two seem to argue,
Their cries make not a sound.
The mind tries to tell the heart,
It needs to forget and let go,
But the heart is adamant on it’s stance,
Believing in the love that grows,
Onlookers ask why walk in the rain,
They can’t see the battle raging within,
Only recognizing the physical journey,
Not where the love begins.
Hours are spent reflecting,
Enjoying the walks in the rain,
As each and every raindrop,
Seems to wash away any pain,
While tears might flow freely,
They are not for thoughts of loss,
They’re for the nights of loneliness,
That a heart holds as it’s cost.
It’s sometimes difficult to only believe,
In what the heart believes it’s found,
Especially if your arms are empty,
And love seems nowhere around,
But through the sleepless nights and nightmares,
Love the heart holds tight,
Willing it to stay alive,
Holding it with all it’s might.
In essence the tears are useless,
Nothing is changed by their flow,
A pressure release for love that’s hidden,
That the mind says we shouldn’t show,
But as I walk down sodden streets,
And my steps make water splash,
The heart isn’t running away from love,
Towards it the heart makes a dash.
Raindrops hide the falling tears,
Or is it our tears mimic the rain,
A way to water an emotion,
That goes against the common grain,
Though the mind argues against it,
The heart keeps holding on,
And with the rain and teardrops,
With the moisture love’s never gone.

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