My World

To Marcy Howard

My world is made a better place,
Each day I no longer dread,
I not only have you in my heart,
But also in my head.
From the moment we first met,
Is a bond never broken,
Not by stupid mistakes,
Or any harsh words spoken.
Unforgettable, you can not forget,
No matter how hard you try,
You’ve made my life better,
Regardless of any lie.
You’ve given me back tomorrow,
Though you believe something less,
We should be moving towards,
Instead of this regress.
We both found a soul mate,
So no matter what may transpire,
Our hearts hold each other tight,
As this love requires.
Every day I hold the thought,
That Marcy, you love me,
And that my darling is the only thing,
That this heart need see.
Every day I hope your safe,
I wish to see your smile,
And with the thought we love each,
Im with you for awhile.
Marcy, I will stand for you,
And though it might mean, I stand alone,
We both know what was found
And our need is not unknown.
       I need you.



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