Hold Me Close


When the world comes crashing down,
And it feels that life’s unfair,
As you look into your mirror,
While your heart falls like your tears,
Still your dreams sustain you,
To the sky propose a toast,
What stirs all your memories,
Who do you need most.
A car can take you where you’re going,
But there’s no meaning in that ride,
It can not repair a broken heart,
It can’t change what you feel inside,
Memories of a time or place,
Might bring happiness and smiles,
Signposts for the journey,
That’s carried us all these miles.
Every morning a new day dawns,
And the grass is full of dew,
There’s an echo that comes from yesterday,
With an emotion known to be true,
Remembered dreams transport you,
To that twilight in the soul,
A place that has it’s darkness,
But the heart back then was whole.
Though you might feel down or sad,
Tomorrow’s a brand new day,
Even if the past’s events,
Seem to get in the way,
Hold on to the dreams you have,
Water love’s planted seeds,
And if your tears are drops of blood,
Your heart then still believes,

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