To see and know you feel love,
Makes so much trivial in life,
No matter what might come along,
The wound aren’t caused by a knife,
Destiny whispers to us,
With a voice that’s hard to hear,
As love binds us to one another,
And there’s nothing we need fear.
In my thoughts I’m by your side,
Forever each day you’re mine,
And with your arms around me,
Tomorrow will come in time,
The love we found with each other,
Is the thing that we need most,
And I’m perfectly happy with the thought,
That in your dreams you hold me close.
We search the present for our destiny,
Though it’s a derivative of our past,
Seasoned with our memories,
And the emotions that still last,
Tomorrow each day is kept alive,
By the beating of our hearts,
Regardless of the circumstance,
No ending just the start.
Life and death surround us,
Yet the future will remain,
The cost of living in paradise,
Is at times there must be rain,
Though our eyes can clearly see,
With eyes closed do we see more,
Gazing at the path ahead,
But still wondering what’s in store.
None of us can know the future,
And only the past is sure,
It all can change in the blink of an eye,
As each day we hope even more,
The things we find are never lost,
Though some things we let go,
While in the eyes we can see,
Those things we never show.
Dreams unfold before us,
We can see and we can feel,
The trick is trying to figure out,
What is or isn’t real,
When we stop and look around,
We can see the things we need,
With love the most important thing,
If only we can believe.

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