Hopefully you’re doing well,
And that light’s still in your eyes,
Hopefully your smile’s real,
It’s not some sort of disguise,
Hopefully happiness rules your life,
And your heart is full of light,
Hopefully dreams come to you,
You’re not immersed in only night.
Hopefully you harbor cheerful thoughts,
I have a belief in you,
Hopefully the nights bring you dreams,
Like the ones I hope come true,
Hopefully laughter rules your life,
And you hold love close to heart,
Hopefully you’re surrounded by friends,
And loneliness will never start,
Hopefully when it’s late at night,
You can feel you’re never alone,
Hopefully what has grown in me,
Is the same thing you are shown,
Hopefully you remember the touch,
That I remember each day,
Hopefully tears don’t touch your cheeks,
And love continues to light your way.
Hopefully when you close your eyes,
You see the things I see,
And hopefully what I feel for you,
Is what you still feel for me,
Hopefully if you feel alone,
You can remember being in my arms,
Hopefully memories soothe you,
Become your lucky charms.
Hopefully as the sun shines down,
You feel my touch within that light,
Hopefully as you feel a breeze,
You hear my voice whisper in the night,
Hopefully as the days pass by,
You think of me as I think of you,
Hopefully when you dream your dreams,
In them we walk straight through.
Hopefully when storms come along,
You know I will give you shelter,
Hopefully when you feel the rain,
You can know I am your helper,
Hopefully as you live your days,
You can see my life’s not mine,
Hopefully you’ll again hold me close,
And it can be just any time.

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