The Night Time Air

To Marcy Howard

A breeze blows fragrances through the air,
And the aromas you can almost see,
A thunderstorm leaves the air crisp and clean,
And fond memory soon roams free,
With a faint aroma of jasmine close,
And a hint of a close pear tree.
The freshness of the nightime air,
Brings old perspectives with the smells,
A daily temporary respite from,
Each of our personal hells,
As memories whisper with the breeze,
The stories we avoid so well.
The night time air may remind,
Of a day and time in the past,
And with it’s whisper we can hear,
Those emotions we know will last,
While wrapped in darkness still we see,
The memories a fragrance casts.
Enamored by the emotions and smells,
We hold on to something found,
And though the night is pleasant alone,
It would be better with you around,
But if I close my eyes at night,
Memories are the only sound.
The night time air makes the need more real,
But in the darkness opinions are’nt there,
If the shadows control what we love,
Did we ever really care,
And as the scents blow around,
Love for you lives in the night time air.
     love still lives!



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