I Miss You

To Marcy Howard

Candlelight and moonbeam s;a puppies sharp shrill bark,
Roses and the scent of pears;talking in the dark,
Coffee sitting together;cookies as a snack,
Soft silky underthings; a massage for your knotted back.
Drives to the flea market;walks along a wooded trail,
Walking to our mail box;to find there is no mail,
Frisbee in the front yard;a hot tub under trees,
Embracing in the water; as we hope no one can see.
Talks about hopes and dreams;seeing the color red,
Trips to see a concert;the music ringing in our head,
A deer that was an omen;an air conditioner that was a shock,
Sitting on a fallen tree; as ferns hide every rock.
Children running back and forth;trips to every store,
Screams over little bugs;while spiders cause some more,
A woman sleeping with a smile;wearing nothing but her tattooes,
Staring at a beautiful face;a health club and its dues.
Sunburnt skin from the beach;yet a smile with the pain,
Walks together hand in hand;listening to the rain,
Eating food that you cook;while tasting your lips too,
So many things that I need; but mostly I miss you.
   Only you!!



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