Start Dark

To Marcy Howard

Earlier and earlier nightfall comes,
The night, the cleansing of the day,
When all the things in daylight seen,
In the shadows, are tucked away,
Yet there’s a flip side to this coin,
What flees the day, lives in the night,
While all the pain that we endure,
We hide inside the light.
In the darkness the memories come,
A remainder of the past,
As all the evils that hide in us,
Are the scars that seem to last,
At times the darkness assists us,
It hides our solitary tears,
It holds us with its dark embrace,
And caresses all our fears.
However, there are those rare times,
When a soul matches a soul,
And whether dark or even light,
Its you that makes me whole,
The light seems now a foreign place,
Makes it appear better in dreams,
In the light all can match,
The voice and face, that make the screams.
There is no guide, what to follow,
Its different for each soul,
For some the darkness is the bottom,
While for others, lights the hole,
In the night I me we gave our all,
To each other, we gave souls and hearts,
And though we now, hold empty space,
The day we met forever’s start.
        Only you.!!!



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