iN aN Eye


Some things happen over time,
While other’s occur in a flash,
Some require extensive planning,
With some like a mile long dash,
At times we exert an effort,
But that effort seems to fail,
Yet when we just let it ride,
Special things take sail.
We look for things in many places,
And it can seem an endless road,
When all we need to realize,
Is dreams can not be sold,
At times we can blink our eyes,
And the moments quickly gone,
But sometimes no matter what we try,
By emotion we’re carried along.
If you look into a person’s eyes,
Are you looking into their soul,
A reflection of all the things they feel,
Or a deep consuming hole,
All of us at times can hide,
But there’s no denying with the eyes,
We can say all we want,
It’s evident if we’re disguised.
From one person to the next,
Eyes hold different colors and shades,
Different ideals and different emotions,
Different successes and choices made,
But through all the important issues,
Into all the hopes and dreams,
Love lives inside the eyes,
And our eyes make it stream.
At times we have all we want,
Or at least we think we do,
It all comes down to what’s inside,
And all I feel for you,
The truth is seen inside an eye,
Because the heart projects what’s real,
The reflection of all we hope to be,
And what we deep down feel.
In an eye we can see forever,
But we can also see hurt and pain,
In an eye we might see yesterday,
Or love that still remains,
In an eye I see a reflection,
The reflection of love I’m shown,
And the eyes that I see love in,
Are the eyes that are my own.

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