In the Eyes


In the middle of nowhere,
With arms raised to the skies,
A clear blue sky is up above,
But it’s raining from the eyes,
Emotion pours like water,
With screams that no one hears,
As pain becomes a tidal wave,
That grows with every tear.
As silence seems to surround us,
There’s a whisper in the breeze,
A voice that’s softly speaking,
By love the heart is freed,
His screams echo back to him,
With memories that seem to taunt,
And as he closes his eyes to see,
It’s the here and now that haunts.
Love abides inside the heart,
Through silence it still survives,
The screams are for his empty arms,
Until another heart decides,
Long grass flutters in the breeze,
Stirred to dancing by the wind,
Storm clouds seem to gather quickly,
But did the storm already begin.
Lightning flashes and thunder roars,
Daylight turns to dark,
Rain softly begins to fall,
Will the storm leave any mark,
Anguished cries that no one hears,
Pain hidden so none can see,
And thinking of my reflection,
In the mirror was that me.
Water soon runs in rivulets,
Down the upturned face,
The raindrops make him feel again,
Though he tires of their taste,
His arms grow weak and tired,
Tired of only holding air,
His screams the voice of loneliness,
Because the raindrops do not care.
His cries somehow turn into resolve,
To hold the things living inside,
Nothing good is free these days,
And the heart will not deny,
Soon the storm passes,
Stars shine in the night time sky,
Though we’re tired and soaking wet,
Love lives in the eyes.

June 16th, 2017

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