Remembered Words

To Marcy Howard

Words are written upon this page;a memory for all to see,
But as I live these memories; do you remember me,
Do you remember that star filled night;when roses were our bed,
When we held each other tight;and love filled both heart and head.
The words written attempt to convey;this feeling never lost,
But if living in a memory; is my soul the cost,
I remember the things we did;I remember a single rose,
While the memory brings a tear;through a door we can not close.
I remember with a smile;all the moments that seem gone,
For I relive them every day;knowing they’re not wrong,
Remembering gives you back to me;and it still is you I miss,
And if I remember with closed eyes;I’m awakened by your kiss.
All my senses remember you;each sensation I’ll never forget,
As you possess half my soul;and memories are all I get,
Its you I need and love; I’m yours and yours alone,
Though a memory is all I hold;it seems that’s all I’ve known.



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