The Sound of a Dream

To Marcy Howard

Its 3am in the morning,
And the darkness closes in,
The nightmares booked for passage,
Each night the trip begins,
Cold sweat is what awakens you,
And it happens every night,
The day time keeps the dream subdued,
But it comes alive without the light.
The soul converses with the body,
And its message is the dreams,
In the daylight pain we hide,
As no one hears our screams,
The mind is the instigator,
As the whispers seem a roar,
And though a heart still beats inside,
We wonder what its for.
Though the dream is such a pleasant place,
Our love and need fulfilled,
Knowing at some point we will awake,
A broken hearts blood is spilled,
While the dream visits each night,
The daytime  takes it away,
The dream is what we want and need,
But our hearts are afraid to say.
Love is not a dream at all,
We both found that it is real,
The dream is just the manifestation,
Of the things inside we feel,
The heart each day keeps love alive,
And together that’s what we found,
Yet in the middle of the night,
Alone, love has no sound.
      Only you!



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