Outside rain is falling,
While inside it’s raining tears,
The combination of rain falling,
And the things that no one hears,
Brings me to a time and place,
A land that time forgot,
A memory that spins a web,
Where all our dreams are caught.
Do teardrops echo the falling rain,
The same just add some salt,
While all the things it’s thought I did,
Were someone else’s fault,
It’s ok if I take the blame,
It’s a role that I’ve grown used to,
As a rose bush colorfully blooms,
It only blooms for you.
Raindrops water the flowers,
But the teardrops water emotion,
Unlike the silent raindrops,
Teardrops whisper their devotion,
Raindrops water the outside,
While the teardrops water within,
And though the heart was drowning,
It knows where love begins.
Raindrops do not have a voice,
But a teardrop has it’s say,
An emotion that they fall for,
That cause a heart to run away,
A teardrops voice may not be loud,
But within a silence they still scream,
As we question their reasons,
Attempting to dam their stream.
As I sit to think or ponder,
What role my teardrops play,
That teardrop whispers to me,
Saying love is here to stay,
Is there some method for understanding,
Why it is these teardrops fall,
Am I listening closely,
For when these teardrops call.
Raindrops have their reasons,
A fuel that all life needs,
Teardrops echo that sentiment,
The flow from hearts that bleed,
Listen closely for their whisper,
Or fear their distant screams,
Love is somehow watered,
As these teardrops fall in streams.

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