To Marcy Howard

I sit inside a cemetery, surrounded by bitter cold,
Staring at a headstone;and the memories that it holds,
I look away and hang my head;tears begin to fall,
Silently whispering to my self;ignoring a nightmares call.
In an endless procession;faces come and go,
Friends, lovers and enemies; people I don’t know,
And as the memories overcome;its evident I’m alone,
While the shadows flit about, with the skeletons I have grown.
Skeletons and spider webs;ghouls that roam the night,
Walking with the memories;corpses without sight,
But even in the shadowed gloom;a light comes shining through,
And as the memories dance about;my light I know is you.
The darkness now is gone;but thought still holds pain,
For as I close my eyes; her ghost still remains,
While spider webs adorn the scene;my light is your smile,
As your face provides me peace; the darkness is gone awhile.
No one is an expert; in matters of the heart,
While we do not wonder;that flowers come from seeds,
But all the that I have with you;are the things I know I need.
And though I live in this dismal place; my surroundings count for naught,
The skeletons now are laid to rest;and with you, is the love I sought.
    I love!!!!



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