Wish Awhile


I am not a perfect man,
Like you I have my flaws,
Walking down a lonely path,
For reasons and just because,
Walls were started years ago,
And through the years they’ve grown,
And through the course of circumstance,
The man inside remains unknown.
Experience all across this land,
Just mattering to me,
But those events molded a man,
Into the person you think you see,
Through all the things that have transpired,
I walked that path alone,
Holding on to things inside,
With emotion that has grown.
Through our lives we look back,
At what was wrong and what was right,
And one thing that is painfully clear,
Is Im still alone at night,
Many things have come and gone,
People, money and places,
At night those acts come alive,
Matched to all the faces.
Through all the wrongs that have ocurred,
Through all the times and those events,
One thing right has stood the test,
That this life can not prevent,
Family and friends might disappear,
Through the course of time,
And the one thing that I’ve held for years,
Becomes the sentence for my crimes.
Someone held in mind and heart,
While the arms hold empty air,
And even though we feel the same,
Can we allow ourselves to care,
You’ve walked with me through many miles,
Through cold and pouring rain,
Through snow and raging thunderstorms,
Through death and pleasure’s pain.
I have taken other’s pain,
And made that pain my own,
Holding all I feel inside,
The island left alone,
No matter what the fates may bring,
It all comes back to you,
But through the course of all those miles,
What wish will we let through.



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