Inside Alone


To live like this is agony,
But life brings all sorts of things,
Some we wanted and some deplored,
It’s all what our fates bring,
In this life we are all contestants,
From our births to our death,
From a babies first shrill cry,
To the dying mans last breathe.
We can expect both good and bad,
There are triumphs and there are losses,
With dreams held tightly through the years,
And others this life tosses,
As each day unfolds for us,
We must value all we find,
Some of the things we should accept,
While others we should decline.
With all the things in this world,
There’s always that good and bad,
As life proceeds at breakneck speed,
But we get lost in what we had,
Faster and faster we want things done,
Yet some things must go slow,
Flowers don’t bloom overnight,
They require time to grow.
Today may be the worst day yet,
And tomorrow might not be better,
As yesterday reaches from the past,
With an unsigned and unsealed letter,
The silence is the very worst,
In life we don’t take part,
How can we attempt to grow,
When inside we’re ripped apart.
There are no real words to say,
What I truly feel inside,
Seems again this heart that beats,
Sold the mind a lie,
Confusion seems to rule the days,
But I’m not sure who was hid,
As all the things we once enjoyed,
Show us we never did.
We question things throughout our lives,
The what ifs and what could’ve beens,
Is there any cheer and joy,
In a race we can not win,
There are days the sun won’t shine,
Yet we can keep the sun inside,
As all we really need to do,
Is allow ourselves to find.

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