To Marcy Howard

The only place I’m happy, is anywhere with you,
But the past exacts its toll, its this pain that we go through,
You are worth every thought, you’re a caring loving soul,
Only you can fill this void, only you can make us whole,
I didn’t chase you in the past, yet our hearts still found a way,
To open up the door to love, but I guess you are afraid.
Only you can alter your past, yet it makes us who we are,
It doesn’t mean to forget the past, but does the past need to reach so far,
The reason that I feel this way, only you can know,
What its like to feel love, yet hope that it can’t show,
Only you can set us free, but WE can negate the past,
And help each other with the scars, that our minds allow to last.
Only you are my key, for the future and today,
And many times I’ve told you, the heart knows the way,
The past is our education, not something we need fear,
And only you know the ghosts, that live inside our tears,
Only you can hold my hand, and together walk the trail,
Hand in hand we can fight our demons, who lash us with their tales.
Only you can decide, if we once again have our dream,
Or if this pains forever, our hearts lost somewhere between,
Only you can make me happy, its only you I need,
And only you can free these hearts, and grow this planted seed,
Only you can help us, caring is what we do,
And only you can believe, that for me its only you.
        Only you!!Love lives.



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