Is It Worth It

for Marcy Howard

If, I travel, in my memories, to places, long ago,
The experiences, were many, with, nothing left to show,
Though, years and miles, took me away, it was a road, to here and now,
And though, the cost, was very high, was it all worth it, somehow,
Something, I needed, was out there, the understanding, of miles,
Not the constant following, of the present and coming, styles.
Yet, this journey, was twisted, for there was, no destination,
And do you help, with your heart, or with constant, hesitation,
Have you ever, left your home, to search, for something more,
Without, any real plan, or knowledge, of what’s in store,
And though, at times, we reflect, on what was, or still could be,
It doesn’t change, what’s in your heart, or still childhood, memory,
If you compile, your life’s events, it adds up, to who you are,
And though, you feel, you didn’t drive, you can’t, without a car.
Life takes you, where it wills, no matter, how you protest,
And there is, no need of food, when there’s nothing, to digest,
The people, that surround you now, are what, you journeyed to,
And all, those many miles, brought me here, to you,
People, talk, of destiny, if there even, is such a thing,
And as, I watch you sleeping, my heart, begins to sing,
I, realize the entire journey, was, a long, winding road, to you,
And the fact, that I found you, makes it all, worth going through,



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