It's You

to Marcy Howard

Judged, by all, who think they know, what it is, I need,
As the mirror, holds a reflection, but the image, is deceived,
Yes, the heart, is beating, the sound, echoes, in my ears,
It drums out, it’s steady beat, in time, with my tears.
Locked, in utter silence, isolated, all alone,
Yet left, with the emotion, that with time, will only grow,
Some, may believe in it, while other’s, I know, do not,
Wrapped, in all the promises, that both of us, forgot.
I don’t feel, we’re separated, we’re together, in my mind,
And though, there’s miles between us, the future, we will find,
All, the memories, that we  possess, prove something true,
I’m the person, that, you want, and the one, I want, is YOU!!



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