Pieces Of

To Marcy Howard

Are conditions, attached, to dreams;with silence, it’s own voice,
As, the time, quickly passes by;with domination, as a choice,
Are, heart and mind, in equal parts;or does one, control, the other,
While, the mind, listens to things;as a heart’s intentions, it could smother.
The world, around, can’t see, the chains;as another, soul, holds the clue,
That, the image, that we project; is nothing, close, to you,
Yet as, we look, at days, gone past;there are, questions, that exist,
Wrapped inside, things held back;and love, that we resist.
That perfect picture, that, is only seen;inside, two dark brown eyes,
Becomes, a little, clearer, somehow,
When under, clear, night skies,
A piece, of moonlight, reveals, the thought;that the words, in which, we hide,
Aren’t the true, guiding force;it’s the heart, that beats, inside.
Words and thoughts, may not, convey;the things, that put us, in this place,
Happiness shows, inside, your eyes,
With a smile, a piece, of your face,
We, can run, our entire lives;but are we, running, from, the past,
For, every piece, of your life;could be, a memory, that will last.
Familiar places and unpleasant things;good things and even bad,
Transport us, to the, here and now;and the pieces, of have or had,
Never, in all, our, wildest dreams;could we know, what the future, might hold,
But, if, some of the pieces, are hidden through;are the, pieces of love, unwillingly, sold?
        We both know!!!!



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